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Warranties for Pre-Owned Cars

We are proud to offer our customers the best warranty value in the industry. Auto Services Company, Inc. (ASC) is fully backed by an 'A'- rated insurance company and is well known for excellent coverage and reliability.

Key Benefits of an ASC Warranty

• All Plans have $0 deductible
• 24/7/365 emergency roadside service with EVERY plan
• We include rental car reimbursement on all plans with only 4 hours of required work for reimbursement
• Our service contracts are designed to cover almost any vehicle with a diverse selection of coverage options
• All major lenders finance our contracts
• ASC has over 24 years of proven success and customer satisfaction
• Our insured service contracts are backed by a $20 billion, 'A'-rated insurance company.

When you're looking for an affordable car for sale with some of the most supportive warranties available in the industry, Elite Auto Mall is your most trusted source in San Antonio, TX. Stop on by to speak with a representative or to take a look at some truly special pre-owned cars and truck.
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